Feb 28, 2023

* What are the core values that you have that inspired you to start your CAS project? Name them and explain how they connect to your project.


The core values I would say inspired me to start my CAS project were a combination of passion, dedication and love. I knew I wanted my CAS project to be connected with dance in some way since it’s an outside of school activity I do almost every day and it’s something that I am very passionate about. I dedicate a lot of time after school at the studio and I have learned over time how to balance school and dance so I can be able to do both at the same time. With this, I was inspired to connect my passion and love for dance with CAS. I am grateful for the space CAS has given me to show the level of commitment and dedication I have towards dance and the studio community. It’s a way for me, of giving back and showing how grateful I am. 


* How has your culture affected your project? Explain how it shapes your decisions and drives your behavior through this CAS experience.


Since I started dancing about seven years ago, I have spent a lot of my time growing up surrounded by art. I have traveled inside and outside the country and have been able to learn and expand my knowledge regarding the artistic community. I have always been interested and passionate about art, it’s part of the culture that shaped me to be the person that I am. Due to the different experiences I’ve had throughout my life as a growing dancer and person, I am able to use this to help bring new ideas to my own community. By learning from others myself, I then am able to transmit that knowledge to other dancers in the studio and around me, to create a sort of chain where the knowledge will continue to spread and be acquired.  


* Have your values ever been challenged by your project? If so, how? 


CAS is definitely a challenge, and makes you aware of how much commitment and perseverance you need to have towards your project for it to be successful and keep moving forward. Taking on new challenges creates a pressure on me since I am the one that’s responsible for what I achieve or I don’t. My project has encouraged me to create a balance between school and dance but at the same time give me a space to create a connection. This project has also challenged me since I feel like I am working on my organizational skills so that I am able to grow my personal motivation. 


* You are the manager of your project. How have you kept yourself motivated throughout your experience? Explain how you have succeeded in motivating yourself and explain times where it has been difficult. Does your culture affect your motivation?


I feel like for my project it has been easy to keep myself motivated since my project revolves around something that i already love and am passionate about. For example, with our most recent project of starting to organize the Tamarindo Dance Festival, I have felt motivated since I am excited for this event to happen. I am going to be a part of something that is not only important for the dance studio but for the rest of our community members. But there also have been a few challenges at maintaining this motivation because sometimes I feel like I would have less work to do if I didn’t have to take on the project. Of course this is normal because I have to work on managing my time correctly so I don’t feel overwhelmed. My culture completely affects my motivation. If I went to the studio and I surrounded myself in an environment where I am not inspired or motivated, I will not have any desire of doing my project. But if I surround myself with hope and inspiration then I will have better motivation. This all depends on the environment that I choose to be in and surround myself with. 

Created By: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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