Field trip

Recently a class from a school in Boston visited us to see how we do IB differently from them and together we went on a field trip to plant 140 trees in a field. We all worked collaboratively and had tasks to do. Some people collected the plastic bags the tree saplings were in so that we didn’t spread trash around and some kids used the machetes to get rid of weeds and invasive species. The rest of us either dug holes or planted the trees. It was really fun to collaborate with everyone because it felt like a lot less work when we didn’t have to go through each step of the whole process on our own. We worked really hard for a couple of hours and managed to plant all of them which was very surprising because there were a lot more than I was expecting. Some of the trees we planted were endangered species and we were planting them in hopes of getting them to repopulate so they don’t go fully extinct in the area. This project connected a lot with our bio class where we are learning about primary and secondary forests so it was cool to be able to be a part of fixing one. This project was really motivating, especially because as we were bringing the saplings to our destination, our guide showed us some trees that were growing nicely that had been planted a few months ago. This was really nice because we got to see the future steps that our trees are going to go through, not just that we planted them.

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