First CAS Project?

AR=Augmented reality VR=Virtual reality
I expect to start one 3D modeling from where I left or if there haven’t been any major updates on the platforms or in the engines used to create these models, I would learn about AR & VR engines and how to implement them into an app, game or simply into a QR code so that your camera brings the School pet to life.
My goals are learning 3D modeling and how to implement in AR due to the fact that for it to be implemented in VR you’d need a VR headset to see it and I’d have to learn game coding, another goal is why I want to do this project is leave this project to the schools use, they will be able to use it in videos and since year after year people are becoming more attached to technology, AR will be the next step towards that immersion and I’d just like to help the institution be ready for it.
It’s important to me because I’ve been waiting for major tech companies to take a step in this direction, which many already have such as Samsung with its AR drawing and with the rumored Apple glasses which would aim into using AR technology to keep you updated on important things without having to pick up your phone. I’m really interested in things like this which fuel my wanting to do things related to this.
I will develop my patience, like really high levels of patience during this project, I will acquire the basics of 3D modeling and learn how to get 3D models into an AR environment, this will also help in case I end up going for a Game Dev career or really anything related to bringing the AR world to our daily usage, app development, ads and many more things that could use this technology.
If I do become a game developer I could go to a company like Niantic which has experience with games such as Pokemon Go and Wizards Unite or just develop it myself and create a new game based and create AR game that would have a storyline that you can play in your town/city or anywhere. There will be Hostile NPCs which will be controlled by AI roaming around which you can take down and level up, the higher level the mob is the more XP it will give you, better drops and equipment, the way this game would keep people playing is that it will obviously have a leaderboard, multiplayer function, creating with NPCs drops and events, and since the world is becoming more connected as time goes on it will allow many more people to join in and try the game.

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