First Day on the Team _ Grace Herman

Today was my first official meeting as apart of the Terraza team. It’s inspiring to be apart of something like Terraza. It inspires me to dream big and go for it. I know it’s the beginning and it’s going to be hard and exhausting and gonna push me to the edges of my comfort zone and it’s going to be a lot of work but I’m excited. And we are starting off running. I feel lucky to get the opportunity to join a team who knows what they are doing and who have a strong leader. This weekend we are having a scavenger hunt. We are having teams of teens run through tamarindo doing fun/ funny challenges from a list and taking pictures as they do them. Today I decided I would talk to people about it. Ashely always says that the best way to market is to talk to people so that’s what I tried to do. Going into this I want to focus on the middle school grades. I want to get them excited and make Terraza feel like a place for them, soon they will be in high school anyways but the high schoolers now are probably not going to come, so let’s start them young. I talk to a couple of groups and I feel good about people showing up. I want to talk to more tomorrow and hype people up. This is a way I feel like I can help the Terraza team. I’m not afraid to talk to people and I have really good relationships with the younger grades and I want to focus on them. I hoping that can become like my job. Anyways at the meeting today I gained a deeper understanding of what Terraza is. Terraza is not just a place to play ping pong and pool it’s a community giving back to the community. Well, that’s what the goal is and I am beyond honored to be apart of it. I want to get out into town. I want to talk to business owners. I want to talk to kids. I want to be out there and I want to make a difference. This is the honeymoon stage for sure. I know it’s going to get hard and discouraging but I’m gonna ride on this wave as long as possible. Somehow we are going to make Terraza a place. The place. We got this and I’m really excited.

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