First Taxists Who Accepted

After getting recommendations from our female classmates and a couple from a women's collective from the area we have reached out and gotten answers from Kattia Vidal, Rafale Pineda, Maikol Moreno, and Jairo Lagos. Originally the website had a profile system similar to Instagram or Facebook in which each user that created an account could post their reviews of the taxists, but as we try to teach the taxists how to create their account and all of the processes required to get this done my classmate and I came to the conclusion that it wasn't feasible, it was just taking away the ease of use for both the taxists and the end users. In the end, we removed that feature and made simple pages for each taxi with their names, a link to whatsapping them, the model of the car they use and if they gave us permission, their plate number as well as erasing the reviews that would appear behind their profile picture when someone opened their page.

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