Fundraising for CAS night

Last week me and my classmates, Chloe and Gracie, have been working as a fundraising team to provide and generate the fundraisers needed for our community. Among the different strategies we have implemented, we decided that creating a raffle would be an excellent way to raise money. The different prices would motivate more people into helping our projects. Reaching out to the different volunteers has been a challenge since we have to communicate in a way that people understand what our goal is. Finding the different providers has also been a challenge since we want people to like the gifts. Another challenge of being part of the fundraising team is the different methods of donating. La Paz is known for having international students across the grades, therefore it is crucial to provide the different services in dollars and colones to the parents or participants that want to contribute. I have realized how amazing it is to have the opportunity to take IB CAS in La Paz. My classmates and I have a chance to help our community in a way that not only benefits them but also us by dealing with various situations that provide us with life skills. For the school to provide us with the support that motivates us and guides us in a way that makes us feel secure and proud of ourselves is important. 

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