Getting closer to our Goal!

A lot has happened since I spoke about the Boston Project. First of all, we were able to fill in all the documents and requirements needed to set up an interview at the embassy. After two weeks of filling in documents, making calls and trying everyday to make it happen, I was finally able to set up a group interview for both of the girls and their families. The only challenge is that they gave us the interview for November 18th, where even though I have faith that they will accept their visas, it’s still a risk as its less than a month before the trip in December. We are well aware of the risk we are taking because if their visas are declined, we would be losing money but also a beautiful trip for them. I feel that these are situations where you are tested to see how you will act; if you truly want it and believe in it, I know that we will get it to happen. For right now there is not much to do other than getting letters from the Boston highschool, from La Paz and from Cepia for the girls to take into the interview as a support to the purpose of this trip. We need to make sure that their personal documents and the ones of their families are up to date. Now, we need to focus on getting to know the girls better, creating a close relationship with them so that when we go on the trip, they feel comfortable with us if they need something. We plan on taking them to events from the school, spending time with them at the beach, at school, doing activities and having them get used to the language as its the one they will be hearing during the entire trip. On the other hand, these two months we need to focus on fundraising more money for this project. We plan on doing dress down days at our school to start fundraising and then planning other events such as a tea party afternoon for the students and a board games night for the families of La Paz. With these three events we hope to fundraise more money, by the end of October and if we need more, we plan on working very hard to make more money during the month of November. Along with this, we plan on buying the tickets for the four of us as soon as possible so that we don’t wait until later when the flights are most likely to be expensive. On the other hand, we have to figure out who else from our class will be going with us as some of them have told us that they want to go, but haven’t confirmed if they will or not. So we need to do this and find out who else is going with us as a teacher/chaperone. As you can see, we do have a few important things to do for the next month, but I know that everything will be ready for when the day comes for the interview and of the trip!!

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