Global Significance

How do you make a difference in your community?

I am trying to make a difference in the way people see other neurodivergent people and neurodivergence as a whole. I am also raising money for future kids to be able to not have to struggle as much in school with paying attention.

What are you doing to create change?

I am informing my community and organizing events to raise money¬† for materials for my school’s B.E.S.T. team which is a support group for kids who need extra help in school

Can you show the process that you are going through to do that? What are the obstacles? How are you getting through them?

I started out with presentations with Isa, we had mini workshops to give examples on how some of these experiences felt like having kids read out loud a text that had letters change ever couple of seconds to give the idea of experiencing dyslexia. Not only was it to show how troubling reading was, it also was to show how nerve wrecking it is to do so publicly, it helps us realize how important it is to be patient with people who struggle.

How does your project demonstrate engagement in global significance?

Just about everywhere there is some sort of struggle for neurodivergent kids, whether it is more of a social struggle or academic one. We are fortunate enough to have a support team who is willing to help those of us who need it. However that isn’t the case everywhere and it can lead to a lot of really smart and capable kids to struggle or feel like they aren’t good enough or smart enough just because they don’t have the structure or support they need. That is why Isa and I want to help, we want others to know that these kids aren’t any less smart, they just work better in a different environment.

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