How will we start a conversation?

  1. What is that moment that you’re thankful for? 
  2. What will you do to give back to your community?
  3. Who is that someone that gave you an opportunity?
  4. What is that dream that you mostly wish for?
  5. What is the motivation that keeps you moving forward to reach your goal? 

When talking about the Boston Project, I immediately think of what it means for us. The fact of giving an opportunity to those who might not be able to experience it in their lives, is what I immediately think of. I think of the words gratitude, opportunity, motivation, experience, life-changing and most important dream. I feel that by mentioning one of these words in the question that we will be using for our path is what will encourage others to think about our issue and start a conversation about it. I consider that one of the major problems that exists in our communities nowadays is the lack of motivation that students and teenagers have to keep going, thriving in school and becoming someone in the future. This is something that is crucial to the development of a teenager not just as a student, but also as a person. Its what is going to make them believe in themselves, believe that they are capable of achieving their goals/dreams and it will teach them to not give up even if they are going through some difficult moments. Because of this I decided to choose the following question, “What will you do to give back to your community?” Because it’s going to make the audience think about what they are thankful for that their community, either as an individual or as a whole, has provided them. This can be something small or big. For example, for me after I got to experience a completely new opportunity thanks to my community that the school is, I decided to give back to the community by participating in this project that strives to do the same for those who might not be able to afford it. This will bring awareness of the self identity that a community can give you, how it shapes you into the person that you are or that you will be come and if you want to be influenced by it in a positive or negative way. And since they are thinking on how to give back to the community, it will make them reflect on that moment or experience that they got rewarded with, which is the main purpose and motivation of the individual to give back to their people. With this, I want the world to understand how important this project is not just for us, but for those who have trouble identifying who they want to become in their community and what they want their motivation to be in order to finish their studies, become professionals and help their families and themselves move forward. But most important we want to show through this project that for every little thing that the people around you do for you, you should be thankful and grateful for them no matter what.

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