Ib lounge, activity planning/For of audio

Angelina Del Vecchio 

Ib lounge, activity planning. 


Script from the audio:

Hello, today I’m going to do my journal entry in a form of audio. I am covering and explaining my week’s progress with my project. Firstly, I and my team decided that it would be a wonderful idea to do some sort of activity for younger kids. To create or to some funds by showing some presence in our community. I and Kassie each did a flier. Mine has colorful elements with color that grab the attention of the parents. We listed the activities such as outside tournaments, arts and crafts, and baked snacks. The activity will be Saturday, November 27th from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. in Good Vibes The Village Brasilito. We added our emails and cell phone for any parents that have any questions or if they want to talk to us they can do that. The fee is going to be $15 and this will cover the baked snacks and the activities were going to do. Throughout this week I identified some of my strengths in the creative area, I used my ib art influence to develop my flyer. I also recognized some of the different choices we had to do to place a price on this activity since we know in our school some people might not afford the activity as well as others. We also planned that if anyone can not afford this we can maybe do like a percent discount for that person or even provide them with the activity itself without paying. I believe this activity we’re planning could be really helpful for a project since we could raise some funds and also help us connect more with the outside of our community. This experience is not only benefiting us, some kids are going to develop their skills by engaging in their social skills. Throughout this week we developed a good plan for the upcoming 2 weeks and we’re planning on raising the funds to continue with our project. We are looking forward to seeing the kids share with us their morning in 2 weeks.  It would make us happy to see all these people helping us and providing us with some of the funds we need to have a successful project. Thank you for listening and going to the latest project in progress to complete our goals.

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