Ideas for the project

Date: September 13, 2022   What are your ideas for your project?    My ideas for this project are to give the teenagers of the area an opportunity to play the sport that they like with a bit of competition by playing in a tournament that includes every highschool from this coast area and have one final champion, this tournament is also a great opportunity for plates to show what they've got and it can be a great chance for them since our coach was a professional player and he's got lots of contacts to help them make their dream come true, another idea I had was that the champion of the tournament can get football equipment (Footballs, nets for the goals, cones etc…) in order to have the possibility of training and make their skills better by training.   Why do they make sense?    These make sense because Football is the number one game played in Costa Rica and many kids have the potential to become professional but haven't gotten the attention that they need or the help that they need to achieve this goal, by having an ex professional soccer player who won many costa rican tournaments and have plates in the costa rican national team he's got lots of contacts to help them get the help they need. The idea of giving the teams who win the “Costa de Oro” a prize (Football Equipment) makes sense since it’s not an expensive prize yet it can help players reach their full potential and learn new skills every training.     What are the barriers to making it successful?   The barriers are that even though the prize is not expensive we still need money to make this a true promise, I will talk to Jose about it to see what he thinks about it and forwards into the future talk to Ms. Kenia and Alejandro to know what they think about the idea and see if they have ideas for solutions. Another obstacle can be transportation to other schools or other school’s transportation to our school to play games but with a talk and by making plans with other coaches and schools it can be solved in no time!   What are your strengths that make this possible?   Over the summer my communication skills grew in a way where I can communicate my ideas with others and hear what they have to say back or what they think about it, also any feedback that they can give takes it as a chance to learn new things. I love to take risks and see this as an opportunity to take one big step for the kids in the community and talk to blogger people for them in order for them to see that the whole coast community is strong and can go beyond expected with their talent. Another skill I have is that I'm a great listener and can transmit their messages through my voice.

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