Identifying Strengths and Identifying Areas for Growth

My strengths throughout this process has been my passion and commitment to this project and bringing back arts to this community, and math. Because I have had set times and dates for everything to be done, such as rehearsals and practice times, I have been motivated and committed. It also has given me more time in class to focus on reflecting about my project, my journal entries, and communication. Some areas that I need to work on is preparation and planning before some specific events. What this means for Beachnuts is that I have not put so much time beforehand thinking about the choreography, thinking it would be easy to make, resulting in it taking more time to teach everything. For math tutoring, not being as prepared goes into communication as I should be communicating with the participants to know what they would like to work on that day in math tutoring. Even though I have these minor things I need to work on, everything has been going along relatively smoothly. Because everything is planned out so well I have little stress about my projects this year allowing me to enjoy them more. 

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