Impactful questions journal entry.

In our last CAS class, we were prompted to come up with impactful questions to leave our viewers wondering after our video. There were a bunch of different approaches I took, but ultimately I decided on the bolded question:

What can you do to help save the Mangroves?

What can you do to give back to nature?

How can you help nature in your hometown?

How is nature important to you?

How does nature need your help?

For me, this question is a good way to spark people’s interest in nature preservation. Mangroves, like it or not, are a very specific issue to our climate, and usually don’t elicit an emotion reaction in people. However, with talks of global warming, pollution, plastic usage and other issues, there are more people engaged in ecology than ever. So why not prompt them to reflect on their role in saving the planet?

I can see people connecting the question to their own communities, and the wonderful thing about this question is that it’s open ended enough for people to be creative! Someone from China may take an approach related to air pollution and plant some trees, while someone from Bali can focus on cleaning up plastic from beaches. It’s full of potential, and I can’t wait to release it to the world!

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