Inform our community about your CAS project.

Inform our community about your CAS project. 

What is your CAS project, and how is it helping the community?

My CAS project consists of helping a local music academy with one of their project, a public youth center. I am providing this service in order for the music academy to save money so they can give scholarships for those who need it.  I am also helping the music academy with there youth center that they are opening next year.


What are some interesting aspects of your project that you think people should know about?

The youth center will be a nice place for people to come and enjoy. Anyone can come, you are all invited to have fun and take advantage of the place.


What do you need from the community?

I would like people to help are community by visiting the youth center.

Deadlines or pertinent information that the parents can remember.

The youth center will be located in the Village next to cria starting next year.


You need to have a visual.

You can have a video or presentation on your computer to highlight your project.

Discuss 7 learning outcomes of CAS that are applicable to show the value of your project.


  • Communication skills will help me receive help from important people in order to complete my CAS project.
  • Small steps or actions can impact significantly.
  • Sharing my service can benefit others with amazing experiences.
  • Getting contacts from significant people to help our project become stronger.
  • Organizing my time wisely helps me be more productive.
  • Balancing my life with music and helping other is indispensable for me.
  • Understanding others perspectives is crucial for my working skills and my relationship with people.


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