Joufrnal Entry

This week we made a big advancement that was organizing the field trip. I reunited with my partner and we talked about all the problems and things we had to get done in order for us to make the field trip. We found out that the main reason was the lack of communication and organization. This made me think a lot about why I was doing my work and my partner wasn’t, this was making us very vulnerable because we couldn't plan this field trip. All of this mess made me aware of why he wasn't doing his part of the work, and it was due to the lack of inspiration/ motivation that he was giving himself. I decided to start this project because of how sad it is to see all of this plastic while surfing and this made me feel very motivated and inspired on doing this project, but my partner doesn't see this issue as important due to the fact that he doesn't surf or spends as much time in the ocean as me so that doesn't push him to do all of this as it is pushing me. Getting back on our first advancement, this Friday we will go on a field trip organized by me and my partner to Brasilito Beach and clean it up with our classmates.

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