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Jan 26, 2022

What challenges did you face this past week when working on the project?

I only spent a small amount of time due to the fact that we have a set schedule and were able to accomplish everything for that week. I was able to show perseverance when having to deal with spreading the forms.


How do they make you feel? How did you overcome them?


It makes me nervous because now I will most likely have more work for next time due to the fact that I could have spent more time working this weekend. However, I’m overall happy since they weren’t that much that I had to do I showed the leadership trait by reaching out to teachers and a whole different school this will help expand the scope of the discussion to have an opinion from a whole different school.


What new skills did you learn while working on your project this week? Describe it/them?

How to create a form. I had to learn how to create a form and how to read the data. This will help me because creating forms is essential in MUN since it will help me when having to create the councils. And divide the students into countries. Creating forms will also help me in general when I need to create surveys.


What about these challenges excite you or scare you? How do you use that energy to move your project forward?


Dec 2, 2022

Who do I have to work with while planning the activity? How do they impact the activity?

I need to work with CAS projects as well as other social media influencers to further both my scope on the CAS projects and how social media works as well as the views I get from other CAS projects


What are the barriers to entry-or the obstacles that I need to overcome and how can I use my strengths to overcome these challenges.

Learning how to use social media and how to manipulate the algorithm in your favor is a skill that I’m still learning on how to use I also have to learn how to identify my audience and better appeal to them. I am overcoming my obstacle through discussions with class mates and teachers as well as instructive online videos. 


Does my project in any way, show favoritism or discrimination? Does it treat everyone in the same way and if not, how do I make sure that it does?

My project may value some over others and that maybe can be considered favoritism however I plan on including all CAS projects eventually however I will highlight certain CAS projects that I believe better represent the CAS mindset and the vision that they have set. Discrimination may play a small part as everyone has their own biases including me however I plan to make ethical as well as reasonable decisions when it comes to my project.


Who Helps me and how?

This trimester I was helped by Mrs. Amy and Millie Mrs. Amy helped me define my cas project as well as solidify the plan on how to accomplish my goals. Millie helped me record set up interviews and provide a camera to film the interviews. I was also helped by Youtube videos helping me create a digital marketing plan. 


Nov 28, 2022

During CAS night I believe that I was able to spread the idea of what my cas project was to other students as well as implement it and see what the outcome was as I’m still developing my CAS project. Since I didn’t have a booth I was able to look at the other project and I have formed a better idea of what the core principles of CAS are. After looking at the other student’s CAS projects I was forced to realize that I’m behind my classmates and have to work extra hard as soon as possible to catch up to them. My next steps are to edit my videos and post them on my instagram and tik to pages. My project is self-led however I can talk to Mrs.Amy and have her review my videos. I have a schedule in which I will work on Tuesday to edit videos as well as on Thursday. 



Nov 28, 2022

I have started my project by researching ways in which I can create a social media campaign I have looked at certain successful companies such as the Paralympics tik tok and Elon musk’s personal Twitter these are both examples of companies promoting their own brand through social media. This week I plan on starting the instagram page as well as the tik tok page. An obstacle I am encountering is that I have only now defined my project and my phone needs a working microphone I will overcome this since I will be getting a new phone as well as having more time in the future to work on my project. I’m feeling successful from filming at least a couple of videos as well as defining my CAS project. I have struggled in defining my CAS project as well as sticking to one however I hope that this will be the final product that I will be able to take all the way until my graduation.


Oct 7, 2022

I look down at my clock next to my bed it is Oct 7, 2023 I get out of bed and eat breakfast as i rush out of the door as I get on the bus I open my computer my company bank account reads that in the past week I have been able to make 500 dollars in profit I immediately call one of the charities I’m donating to as there manager picks up the phone we talk this is the 1st of the 3 charities I think to myself while on the call eventually the bus arrives to school and as I step off I send my first 200$ to my first charity. As the day goes on I mind my own business checking up on my company just making sure everything runs smoothly. As I look at my phone I see that the next class is CAS. I get to class and pull out my computer I review how the company is doing and I call my 2nd charity as we have our conference and email comes in from a family we were able to help thanking me for what I have been able to do for them. 


Mission Statement: A non-profit business dedicated to donate the majority of profit to charities and other non-profits that are chosen based on they’re benefits to the community.

Mission Statement: Donating profits to local nonprofits and families that are struggling to inspire change in the community.

Mission Statement:

Promoting local artists by selling they’re products in new innovative ways as well as financially supporting non-profit organizations.


Sep 13, 2022


The project I had in mind was

May 10th 2022

Public Speaker 


Hard Worker

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