Journal Entry 1

At this moment I didn’t really have any ideas of a possible project to carry out, I had some basic ideas but none of them inspired me enough to do it during the whole IB process. The only thing I’m sure of is that I want my project to be fully people oriented and based on helping people achieve their goals.
This makes sense because I’ve always loved seeing people accomplish something they are passionate about. I will do my best to bring support to those who need it most.
The how, when, where and who, aren’t clear right now which makes me believe that there are going to be some major barriers to making my project successful, however I don’t know what these barriers will be.I value emotional expression and sensitivity, prioritizing empathy, social harmony, and cooperation. These values will help me carry out my project successfully because it shows I actually care about helping those in need.


Created By: cabo velas, Guanacaste

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