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Journal entry can be about your CAS project and the steps that took last week to grow or improve your CAS project. If so, connect it to the 7 learning outcomes of CAS. One of the biggest steps that I took last week was that now the students are able to go by themselves and get the snacks. This is useful for when I´m busy, not at school or other reasons. I've shown them how to prepare their own snacks without me being there. For example, they are now able to prepare their own peanut butter and jelly sandwich, pick a cookie, get a yogurt or a fruit. This gives them the ability to handle themselves independently and it also gives them a sense of responsibility. As a part of the learning outcomes, the most present in this experience is communicators and risk takers. First communicators because I have to work on my communication skills with them, making sure that they understand me and that everything is clear. If my communication skills were lacking clarity, in a scenario when I´m not there, the students would not be able to get their snacks. Luckly, I´ve been working with them for a while so that we´re on the same page. The second one I chose is risk takers because it involves both sides. My side because I'm trusting them to get one snack per day and log it. And on their part, it's a risk because they´re on their own.

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