Journal entry

This trimester I’ve spent most of the money I had collected and have been able to help a few families and animals around the area. I find cases either through friends and family or by driving around towns and finding different homes to see if they need help. Once I find a case which requires pretty constant communication, I will usually bring the animal to the vet and either return it to the owner if they don’t come with, or if it’s abandoned find him a new home while they are fostered or stay at the shelter. My favorite story out of these was a little Chihuahua we found in the middle of the street in poor conditions. He was brought to the vet where we discovered he had multiple teeth issues. We then fostered him for about a week until we found him a good owner. It’s my favorite story because from what I’ve heard and seen he now lives a very happy life with an older woman in Jaco and is the “king” of the house. 

An area I believe I’ve grown in through this project is my patience with people or my collaboration skills. Having to communicate with different stakeholders in my project to make plans isn’t always easy, people leave you on open, don’t answer, ask for too much, get confused or forget. I’ve gotten extremely frustrated with some people I’ve worked with which usually kills motivation. But I recognize this and have tried to accept it’s just part of this project and have to simply do my best despite inconveniences that aren’t in my control. 

This project touches on a few global issues and has many ethical implications. The main issue is animal suffering, and human impact on the environment. It also touches on poverty, and even the institutions in developing countries. 

Ethically creating access to proper veterinary care to lower income families is necessary because veterinary expenses are extremely high in the area, and for many families can’t be a priority. But despite this it doesn’t mean they don’t love their pets or have a right to have them. Additionally dogs and cats who were bred by us (and therefore I attribute their suffering as our responsibility) all deserve a worthy life free of suffering with owners that can provide and care for them. 

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