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“Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefit of working collaboratively” is the learning outcome that most connects to my project with CAS night. CAS and Anchor night was a long process that involved so many different stakeholders to put it together, but in the end it was a glowing success! I feel like I have grown a lot from working on this event, and learned so many communication skills for the future. It was difficult to work with some people, such as Carol from marketing because I had not met her before, so all the communication was over email. With others it was hard because messages don't always get received how they were intended, or the responses were just slow in general. However, communication with people like cocina La Paz and Antonio who helped with the lights was super easy and helpful! They were very supportive and took my brief instructions and made it all work. I initiated a lot of the communication because I was a leader in the project, and most of it was through emails, but we did have a few meetings with Profe Alberto who was helping us. I think an area for improvement is definitely the La Paz communication style, because there were some gaps in the marketing, in the set up and the presenters (of the Anchor projects mostly), and the teacher’s understanding of the event. Reflecting on my experience setting up the event, I realize that I have a strong skill for running events, and communicating with adults. It made me realize that you can rely on people if you set clear expectations, and give yourself and them plenty of time to carry out tasks. Overall, the event was a success and we were able to raise about $400 for the projects. We had a great night with a solid turn out from the parents, and I hope the CAS/Anchor night can continue onto next year and be improved.

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