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October 7, 2022.    What happens when a student doesn’t bring their own snacks, well they will be hungry and won’t be energized to continue with their day, they will be tired and stressed, most of the students that aren’t able to bring any snacks are the scholarship students. A student once came to school with any snacks and stared at their other classmates who had delicious and healthy snacks, as the student make it to their class they feel dizzy and without any energy they had to wait for a long hour to have lunch to be able to get their energy back and to be focused during class. The problem I will be helping to solve is to provide snacks to the students of La Paz  and get them through the day. The snacks provided to the students are located in a box with a variety of other snacks, in an office where it can be controlled who goes for a snack. Some people donate money that way the founder and a helper from the scholarship program can go look for healthy and delicious snacks.

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