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November 18, 2022 CAS night

What are your reflections for the evening? After talking to parents about your projects and processing your ideas, what were your thoughts on your project today?: The evening went well, the project was introduced to all parents and we thanked the people who are being part of it, (helping out). 

What are your next steps toward moving your project forward?: My future plans for this project is having a fundraiser jar placed in some known restaurants, and help the family of the students out since if they are not able to buy their kids snacks how are they doing with food.

Who do you need to discuss your project with in order to make those next steps?: To be able to make this possible I will need to talk to some restaurant managers, and the families to see what they need help with.

How are you going to make the time to do these steps outside of class?: I already have contact with a person who manages a restaurant, and during the weekend I will meet with the families asking if they need help and in what situation they are.

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