Journal Entry 4

Identify strengths and areas for growth:

As I move forward with my project, I find myself with an amount of self doubt and a serious lack of perseverance. Even though I took my time to choose a project to carry out, I was not able to find something I am truly passionate about. I am aware that CAS is a class in which perseverance and one of the most important skills. However this is something I am currently struggling with. I sincerely don’t have any solid  plans to move forward with this project, but I will try my best in order to accomplish my goal of enjoying the cas experience. 

Demonstrate how to initiate and plan a CAS experience:

As I stated before, I am not particularly motivated by the project I am currently working on, so the planning process has been a little bit unclear, to say the least. To change the current state of my feelings towards the project I could either implement something that will increase my motivation. Or I could go another way and start another project from scratch. Right now I am slowly getting better at initiating plans and coming up with ideas, I will use this skill during break over the next month in order to finally find something that will let me carry out my CAS experience successfully. 

Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process:

In order to start my project, I first have to find a way to make this project motivating for me. I feel pretty frustrated about this project and not having any idea of how to move forward. I will truly find a way to overcome this challenge in time and finally find a project that motivates me. I will overcome these obstacles by not letting myself drown in my own feelings 

Demonstrate engagement with issues of global importance:

The project that I am currently working on would be valuable to the La Paz Community. Especially the CAS students and by extension, the people that they are helping. For example if I was able to raise funds for Geyra and Emilie’s CAS project, I wouldn’t be just helping them by taking stress off their shoulders; but I would also help the family that they are currently trying to help get on their feet, as the situation they are in right now, is not preferable. 

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