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Dicember 8, 2022

What are the barriers to entry – or the obstacles that I need to overcome and how can I use my strengths to overcome these challenges?: Some obstacles that I have to overcome are time management, the way I can use some of my strengths to overcome it is by using organization skills, work ethic and patience.

What challenges do I need to take on to start my project? How do I feel about these new challenges right now? How can I overcome the feelings that are barriers to getting things done?: The challenges that I need to take to be able to start my project will be to meet with the families, and with possible donors. These challenges make me feel nervous because I don’t talk much, I can meet with the families first and then have more confidence and talk with future donors.

What is the purpose of my activity?  Why did I choose this activity, this location?: The purpose of my project is to be able to help students who don’t have snacks. I chose to continue with this project because if the project stopped, the students who are being helped would be left without snacks. The students who are helped are the students of La Paz.

Who helps me and how?: The person who is helping me out is the founder of the project and the director of the scholarship program. They tell me how the project works and how they receive help from people who provide healthy and delicious snacks to the students.

How can my project be important to the world?: My project could be important because it can get other people to start a similar project in their schools and help other students out who need the service.

Does my project, in any way, show favoritism or discrimination?  Does it treat everyone in the same way and if not, how do I make sure that it does?: My project doesnt show any favoritism nor discrimination, the students who recieve the service are treated equally, they are able to choose any snack that they prefer and when we get snacks from some of the sponsors of the project, the food is distributed to all the students of the program.

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