Journal entry

 Describe what you did this week to move your project forward.:

This week I worked on a google form that I will be sending to the students that are being helped and to their parents to see what they prefer for their kids to eat. This form asks them about their opinion on what they would like to have for snacks and what they would like to stop having. This form will later be used to gather information from the parents and the students to be able to find new snacks and new flavors to give them,and  it will also be used to give them more healthy options than just cookies.


What are the challenges that you faced this past week when working on the project? :

Some of the challenges that I have encountered this week is that I don’t entirely know what snacks are provided to the students. How to structure the google forms, since it’s the first time I’m making one, and not knowing what the parents emails are, which is making it harder for me to be able to send the emails and obtain the information needed to start the process.


How do they make you feel? How did you overcome them?:

They made me feel stressed. What I did to overcome my first challenge was to go to where the snacks are located and take notes of what we had on display for the students, for my second challenge I structured it by telling them to fill out the form and how that information will be used, For the first question Im asking them to tell me what are their least favorite snacks are, and for the last question Im asking them to write down what they would like to have as options. For my last one I’m planning to talk to the director of the scholarship program, to get the parents emails to later send them the google forms.


What new skills did you learn while working on your project this week? Describe it/them? How can you use this skill in the future?:

A new skill that I’m developing is leadership. I have never taken leadership in a project before so developing this skill is very important for me in this project. In the future I can use this skill to take leadership in class projects, and more important by taking full responsibility in this project, and to be able to talk and inspire people to help out.


What about these challenges excite you or scare you? How do you use that energy to move your project forward?:

These challenges excite me because I’m able to see what I have to overcome to bring the best out of the project. I will use this energy to make the students happy and to bring new snacks to give them a variety of healthy options for them to have.


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