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Feb 9, 2023

  • Communication skills, research skills

How have you used one of the above ATLs while working on your project?Give examples.: An example of one of the ATLs that I have used to work on my project is communication skills. I have used this skill to communicate with the director of the scholarship program who was in Liberia at the moment and with my CAS teacher, to be able to find a way to have snacks for the students. At the end we found a solution, this shows that I have been applying this skill during my process of taking over the project. Another time that I have used this skills is to talk with the director of the scholarship program to see if we could create a group with the parents of the students being helped by the program, to find out if they agree or disagree on the snacks that we provide their kids.

How has your experience in this area enhanced your ability to learn in other classes or prepared you for life in general? Explain.:  Normally I don’t have much communication skills, so during this project I have seen that my skills have expanded. Now I participate a little more in some classes, and this skill has helped me a lot in life in general, because I can communicate with people I don’t know and I don’t feel embarrassed when doing so.


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