Journal entry

Feb 22, 2023


In the last two weeks I have been working on an infographic in which explains what the project is and how people can help out, I have also went shopping for snacks with the director of the scholarship program, we also talked about future plans, and we also talked about a problem that we were facing with the snacks which were running out quick and that some students weren’t eating lunch since they were only having snacks, we also moved the location of the box with snacks to a place where it can be monitored. During this I noticed that some areas of growth that I have developed are communication skills since they are needed to solve problems, setting goals since it’s good to have a goal in mind, and the last one is conflict resolution since at the end we were able to solve the problem and we are coming up with ideas to never face a problem again. I couldn’t have noticed them if I hadn’t worked collaboratively with my teacher and the director of the scholarship program, solving problems and talking about reaching out to business to see if they could help, and obtaining a mini fridge to put juice, apples, and much more.

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