Journal entry

March 8, 2023

During this week I have been working on a set of rules so that the project can be better in the future. We also received a donation, so I took leadership and went to buy some snacks for the students. During the process of buying snacks I took in consideration the prices and the type of snacks, and what the students would like to have. After buying the snacks I saw that we still had plenty of money left, so I decided to keep it aside so that way we could buy more snacks the next time. These actions mean a lot for my project since it keeps it going, some of the stakeholders for my project are the students who will be the customers, and the owners such as the founder of the project. The stakeholders are impacted in a positive way because of these actions we still have a project to run and the students have snacks, and the project could be successful. I have learned a lot and applied things that I already know, for example I have learned how to do smart shopping, since I have never shopped on my own. Another thing that I have become better at finance, the actions I did are teaching me how to use the money in a very wise way, so that way it can last longer. My next move is to continue working on the rules, I will also send an infographic document to the parents to let them know how they can help, and we will also try to send a message to the schools paper to be able to find a mini fridge and buy drinks and more snacks for the students


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