Journal Entry Creativity

What does it mean to be creative?


Being creative means thinking outside the box, Coming up with unique ideas on your own, and applying them effectively. Creativity is one of the best traits as a person in my opinion because it’s how you differentiate from others.


What is your favorite way to express your creative side? What do you like about it?


My favorite way to express my creative side is to share my ideas with others. Some of the ideas I come up with are crazy or unrealistic so having someone scale me down or add on to my ideas makes me think differently and helps open my eyes to a situation. I really like telling others about my ideas because it shows them my creativity and I can receive aid to help improve my ideas.


What do you do when you get an idea?


Usually, I will go straight to someone else to tell them about my idea or I will just start to implement the idea if It’s something that’s worthy.


Do you feel more creative by yourself or when you work with others? Why do you think this is?


I feel that I am much more creative when I work with others. I’m not entirely sure why but I guess I feel happier and more excited so I generate more ideas in quicker succession.


How have you shown creativity in your CAS project? How can you use that to promote your project to others?


For my CAS project, I need to come up with new teaching ideas and come up with a new topic for each class. In order to do this, I need to look online for something new or interesting happening in the crypto world and then find a way to teach it to my students. Originally I thought that teaching would be fairly easy but after just a few classes you start to lose ideas on what to teach and because of this I have decided to come up with a project that I can have my students work on. Now that I have taught them about the industry I believe that we can start applying our knowledge and make something from it. 

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