Journal entry Excitement

Why is this project important to you?

For me, the cryptocurrency investment project is important to me because not only will I be teaching others in my community about what I have been doing and the importance of cryptocurrency in our lives but I’m also going to be learning a lot about it myself to help me invest in the future and work on my extended essay for IB. I also feel that the more people who enter into this space the better it will become and I might want to make a career out of crypto so I would love it to grow as much as it can.

Has it made you even more passionate about your project? If so, why? If not, why not?

Well, it is a lot of work to try and make money through crypto so it will give me time to work towards that. The work can get tiring so forcing myself to improve will just make it that much easier in the long run. I do believe that the more success I have in the area the more enjoyable it will be to work on it because I will know what that success feels like.

What have you learned about this issue that you are solving that everyone should know?

One issue I am facing right now is if people would actually be interesting in this project. Its a very new form of investment that not many people may know of. Also knowing our school im not to sure that thier will be a lot of people who are interested so i will need to make the club super entertaining to get the largest audience.

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