Journal entry Global Significance

How do you make a difference in your community?


I make a difference in my community by acting upon communal issues and inspiring my community to help me resolve these issues. For my beach cleanup CAS project, I made a difference by cleaning up one of my local beaches, engaging my community to work with me, and inspiring others to help the community.


What are you doing to create change?


To create this change I made a beach cleanup activity that I brought my class along to help me with, in total we cleaned around 15 full trash bags of plastic of the beach which in a way is sad because it makes you feel that if you didn’t go out to the beach and clean that day, all the trash you picked up would have gone into the ocean and affected so much wildlife.


Can you show the process that you are going through to do that? What are the obstacles? How 

are you getting through them?


Planning this beach cleanup I had to reach out to the parents of my class through miss Amy, had to get confirmation from Ms. Kenya, plan out rides to the beach, get all the required assets for a beach cleanup, and make sure all my class was on board with the project idea.


How does your project demonstrate engagement in global significance?


During the execution of this project not only did I get the la Paz community involved with cleaning the beaches but we also had two civilians that were on the beach help us clean up. Watching these people come onto the beach to help us pick up trash was really motivational because it shows that I truly am making a difference in my community, and truly inspiring others to join in and help my project.

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