Journal entry is about motivation

Journal entry is about motivation Choose the motivation theory that you have learned in business class that you believe motivates you the most. Maslow's Theory It teaches me to motivate myself as well as the kids to be happy, learn, and interact with their friends. Why do you think this motivation theory is the best one to use to motivate you? Daniel Pink This theory connects to my CAS project because both have to do with impacting directly someone’s life by doing something for them with a purpose. Give examples of what has motivated you in the past to complete your CAS work. For this current CAS project it’s the students that motivate me. Seeing them be happy and being able to interact with other students who have a snack. How can your teachers use this motivation theory to motivate you? Give specific examples. To make the classes more fun by doing something different like going on field trips or activities. How can you use this theory to create motivation for your CAS project? One of the theories is already my CAS project.

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