Journal Entry Next steps

Now how is it going?

Pretty good, My initial launch date got postponed one week due to an advisory breakfast but I will announce my club on Wednesday the 4th and have my first club on Tuesday the 10th. However, I have also found a reliable mentor, Moi Stern, a crypto analyst out of college that has been teaching me about the space for a while now.

How are you going to fulfill all the needs of your project?

It requires weekly love and attention from you to grow and flourish.

I will host my club once a week and will dedicate some of my own time to planning my lessons and advertising to ensure the best outcome for each of my clubs.
I will also dedicate at least 2 hours of my time a week for me to learning more about cryptocurrency investment through either online research or experience.

It requires thought and innovation to differentiate it and make it noticeable.

Cryptocurrency is a very new and very promising new way of investment that can make high schoolers thousands of dollars with very little initial investment so I believe that The idea itself is already innovative with a lot of potential.

It requires you to communicate with others about the project to create community.

I have already done just about all the communication that is needed to get my project started, now I just need to vocalize my idea to the community and have investors come and learn through my club.

It requires hard work and energy to gather momentum.

I plan to have my first public announcement very strong and inspiring to gain the most traction for my project.
I will also create flyers for my project so that kids can go to their parents and discuss whether they are allowed to join the club.


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