Journal entry of Global significance

In the first months of my CAS library project, I worked with important social workers from my community. I helped with their social media and their library. This project integrated education with the problems the community has. Many people from the area had little education when they were younger this problem affected the community enormously. It is important for people to know basic things such as reading and writing in order to find a job and share with the community. During my time working at the library I had multiple meetings where I helped with ideas and I went and helped with cleaning and organizing for future events the library had.


After my experience with the library, I had to begin a new project because I moved from my past home. I started helping the Good vibes rock school with their new projects including their most recent theater project. This new project is helping younger children experience their talents with some courses of theater providing them with knowledge of how a play works. This project helps the community learn about other ways to express themselves through their talents. I am currently attending and helping as a teacher assistant, especially helping with the language and cultural differences. The teacher speaks in Spanish while I explain in English. This is a challenge for me because I am a native Spanish speaker and although I am improving my English I sometimes get nervous about saying or explaining things as well as I want to. The theater teacher comes from Mexico and she has experience of playing in musical theater.  Her experience is now being transmitted to children and young adults and this is demonstrating how important it is to connect globally in order to learn from others.

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