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After our Dia de Mascaradas event, I’m not fully sure how to continue. I think that I want to pick back up on the Neurodivergence project and maybe do more talks with the younger classes, or even bring it outside of our school. There is a lot more I can do with this project and I think it would serve as a good opportunity to work on public speaking since I’m not very confident in that. I already have a slide presentation so I can adapt it to which ever audience I am showing it to. I think it would be a cool idea to present at other schools that maybe don’t have the support our school has, and I can do what we did for the BEST team and buy tools made for neurodivergent students that I can donate to the schools to give to the students that need them. I am not fully sure this is what I will do, but I think it might be an interesting direction to take so I am going to ask around to see which schools would benefit from and want something like this.

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