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What are the next steps for the upcoming 2 weeks? In the upcoming weeks over break, I plan to completely transition from beach cleanup to a cryptocurrency investment club similar to that of charlie Hermans investment club. The reason I choose to change my project again is that again I don't feel any real personal connection to my project and I want to do something I am truly passionate about. Recently I have become very interested in cryptocurrency and I have even started investing myself into Ethereum which is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world. How have you grown and changed through the process of these actions? It can be a micro change but analyze your growth and development because of your actions. I have grown by understanding what kind of project I need to start to work on, I also realized that having a partner can be hard because you can't just make your own decisions and move on. I have lots of good projects Ideas that I would maybe implement but with a partner, I have to run them by another figure. Also relying on others to do work for the project can be hard (probably goes both ways). My crypto investing:

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