June 7 2023

What activity have you been doing to stay balanced and healthy this trimester?


Balance has definitely been a skill that I’ve had to emphasize. Since I already go to dance almost everyday during the week I focus on that as my energy giver and my way of venting. Going to the studio lets me focus on something other than schoolwork and it gives me energy because it’s something I enjoy doing. It’s hard to balance both school and dance but I’ve managed to have good time management to reduce my stress and feel like I can do the things I need to achieve in a week without worrying about whether or not I will be able to do it. Going to the studio motivates me and makes me feel inspired so it’s what has helped me stay balanced and healthy during this trimester.


How does it make you feel when you are working out or being physically active?


One of the most important things for me is moving everyday. I can’t go a day without doing any sort of physical activity. I feel more connected to myself and it helps me relieve any stress or worries I might have. Working out helps me focus on myself only and I know that I am doing something that is good for me and I will have benefits from. Working out and being physically active takes a lot of commitment and perseverance because it completely depends on you whether you push yourself hard enough or decide to take it easy. Being constant is key to seeing progress and that is why being physically active for me is something I can’t live without. 


How does this help you understand your strengths and areas for growth?


In my case dance helps me understand my strengths and areas of growth physically and mentally. When I am dancing it’s important to have technique and that requires physical strength, in this case I am able to understand what the things I need to work on are to become better and a stronger dancer. By knowing my physical strengths and areas of growth I am able to grow as a dancer and learn how to expand my boundaries. Another way I can understand my strengths and areas of growth through movement is through my brain and creativity. When dancing I have to understand my imagination and creativity and learn how to express that through my moevent. In my case one of my biggest strengths are my improv abilities but something I need to work on is when I am trying to explain my ideas to other dancers. This helps me understand how one of my biggest strengths is my creativity but I have to work on my communication skills.  


What about commitment? Is it important for you to commit to working out? Why? 


Yes it is extremely important for me to work out, i have a schedule and a routine that i need to follow in order to feel good and productive. If i dont show commitment it makes me feel like I quit on myself, gave up and makes me feel lazy. Commitment is important and crucial if i want to see results and i know that and its important for me so i will always prioritize working out and moving. 


Do you need collaboration to work out or are you an independent exerciser?


This actually depends, in dance I prefer to be more independent and focus on myself but this is very hard since you are always surrounded by other dancers and choreographers that are there to push you. For example, sometimes on weekends I want to go to the studio to dance but I’d rather go by myself than have a friend or teacher with me because I feel more comfortable being independent. Another thing is that usually when dancing it’s normal to want to compare yourself with others and feel bad about yourself. I try to focus on myself and want to be better than just myself and nobody else. I don’t like to feel pushed or have a teacher beside me telling me what i sg=hould or shouldn’t do, because I like to do that for myself. On the other hand when I go to the gym to work out (I go twice a week) I can’t go alone because I feel embarrassed. So I went with my friend and we went to the gym together. This is probably because going to the gym is something that I am new to and still don’t totally understand and I am scared to feel judged, so going with a friend makes me feel supported and more comfortable.  

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