“La Paz Trip”

I started to miss Costa Rica even before my flight landed at Logan Airport and I’ve since tried to connect with my community there in every way I could. I first had the idea for an exchange when I learned about the extra space in the Newman student dorms at the International Guest House (IGH) and I immediately sent an email connecting the two schools. Through many email threads and Zoom calls, I acted as a bridge between them, eventually setting the date for the week of February 7th. After tagging along to pick them up from the airport I brought them to school where I had set up ‘buddies’ for each student to shadow throughout the day. Along with Ms. Amy, the Business teacher, and leader of the trip, they joined my Business class where we read over and planned for the IB Paper 1 test. We planned a full schedule for each day including meeting with business owners from all over the city. Over the week we toured Boston, visiting Gillette Stadium, Fenway Park, the Freedom Trail, and finally a Celtics game. At the end of an extremely successful trip, we began to plan for the Newman juniors to visit La Paz at the end of the school year where they will meet the La Paz students who will continue the cycle and come to Boston next year.

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