Last homework for the year. Journal entry

  1. What is the meaning of CAS to you? Why is it something that is required by the IB and the MEP? Why did you choose to do your project? What resources are available to help you succeed? I guess the meaning of cars for me was to help other people and some thing that is required by IB and MEP is to basically pass it and some resources are my teachers they really help me a lot to learn and cast basically because I was starting it so I really appreciate my teachers.
  2. How has CAS changed because of COVID? Or has it? Have the communities needs changed? If so, how? If not, explain. I guess Cas has changed a lot because of Covid mostly because now we’re all online and there’s more needs in the community because a lot of people are losing jobs because of Covid.


Created By: Kenya & Isa, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Isas CAS project

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