Learning Outcomes – Commitment and Perserverence

The learning outcome that I have chosen to reflect upon is the fifth learning outcome, showing commitment and perseverance in CAS experiences. The reason I have chosen this one is because I have noticed many obstacles in my projects lately and have been able to persevere through them. One has been working with the play and the Beachnuts kids. This is due to many of them having a lack of motivation and not paying attention in rehearsals and also because they like to not listen to me or try their best in the choreography. The challenge with choreographing Kylie's solo is that she always comes late to practice. When I only have an hour to work with her and she comes half an hour late I don't get to advance as much with her choreography. Plus I am putting my time and effort into choreographing her solo so she should be on time to practice. I have shown commitment to my projects because I have set up scheduled times for each and have shown up and put my time and effort into each of those times. For my math tutoring I have been able to go every week and it has been very successful lately as some of the more recent requests have also given me a refresher on my math course work. For my other two choreography projects I have been able to go to every practice despite my busy life and schedule. The video I have attached is the first part of the choreography for one of the songs in the Beachnuts play. 

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