Logistics with Jessica

Jessica will come after snack on Thursdays to pick up 6 kids or more. If Louna (Shanas sister) comes with her car we will be able to take a bigger group of kids to canopy pinilla. Jessica has agreed to take a group once a month every thursday since it is the day we have CAS. The schedule will be after snack on Thursdays until after lunch. It takes 45 minutes to get to Canopy pinilla (depending on traffic), we will be doing activities with the group for an hour and it takes 45 minutes to be back at the school. We have asked Jessica about finances and how much money, if any she will want, however, she wasn’t able to answer that question and said that she has to talk to other people about the finances and see what quote she can give us. We won’t be offering lunch so students must bring their own or have cafeteria la paz pack it for them. Not only are we collaborating with other students in order to help them, but also with Jessica and Louna as well as planning and undertaking a new challenge with organization and communication with cafeteria la paz. It will be interesting to see what challenges develop along the way and what tools we will use in order to overcome them. Jessica isn’t fluent in English or Spanish therefore Shana will have to use her trilingual skills to make sure that communication is clear between everyone. I will be developing and practicing a new skill which is to give up control and let my partner take more initiative. It is a big risk to take students to a family owned business since the way they act there will reflect on the chirripo campus and school overall. We obviously want to give a good impression and feel welcomed by their team. Especially since it is an actual real life business and Shanas family’s income. 

Created By: Shana&Caro, Pinilla/La paz

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