Longmont Dance Intensive (Activity).

For activity I was part of a summer dance intensive in Longmont Colorado. It is the same dance intensive I had been to the previous year at the studio Dance Dimensions. It took place the 25-29 ad was four days of intense dance training doing combinations in all different styles with all different people from all over the dance industry. I had to push my body to places I had never before and undertook challenges of their own in each individual class by picking up choreography quickly and learning new skills. I was able to stay active in the summer and stay connected with CAS especially because my project involves dance. Part of the fun involved our strengths because we were up to their level and were able to be part of those special groups that got recognized and called out. Though, I did have classes where I was being stretched from my comfort zone which was also fun in its own way. I have now learned various skills that I can apply to my future and recognize that this opportunity will have a positive consequence on my future and on my growth as a dancer. 

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