March 21, 2023

What are the successes from this trimester? Explain with evidence.


This trimester we have had to be flexible with our CAS project, we had to adapt to some change because our original CAS project wasn’t really achievable. But we learned to face those challenges positively and ended up taking on new challenges and helping the studio in many meaningful ways. The first thing we brainstormed was to help Gaby by creating a google form to send to the dancers at the studio so we can help improve the studio and bring it to its best potential. We created the survey and talked with Gaby about what questions to ask, we sent the survey to the dancers and received some responses. Now that we have data to recollect we can make notes and plans for next trimester to start creating a work plan and our goals regarding the studio. But what was the most important project for this past month was the planning and organization of the Tamarindo dance festival. We worked collaboratively with Gaby by giving eachother ideas mutually, we helped Gaby from designing flyers to organizing the schedule and participants of the festival. The festival will happen this sunday march 26 and with the money funded we will start our next part of the project for next trimester and keep working with the studio on this.  


What are the areas that I can grow in? Explain with evidence.


I feel like I could take on more responsibility, sometimes I feel like Gaby takes on most of the work and I want to be able to let her know that both Cane and I are available and are a support for her. Since we are working collaboratively I sometimes feel like we can improve our communication skills since we have different schedules and times to do our work. I have to dedicate more time to CAS and make it more of a priority. I really like the way our project is going and I want to show more dedication towards this project.  


What were the challenges that were taken on and what was learned from them? Explain with evidence.


At first me and Cane faced the challenge of having to change our CAS project because even though we had an idea and started planning our project, we noticed it wouldn’t work. By having to adjust to change we learned how to have an open mind and overcome challenges by looking for solutions. Other challenges we have faced have been about organization because working as a team can be hard sometimes, we need to work together and not everyone has the same skills and way of doing things. With this we have been able to balance eachother out and learn what each of our strengths and weaknesses are so we can work more effectively together. 


How did I show perseverance and commitment this trimester? Explain with evidence.


The work we have achieved this trimester is evidence of our commitment and dedication towards our project. We are passionate about our project and are thinking about our future goals for next trimester. We are inspired to continue creating a change and use the funds from the festival to bring a change to public education around us. We have overcome many challenges and have shown how we can work together to make things happen. This trimester we had many ideas and used our creativity to brainstorm our next steps regarding the studio and what we will invest in, in the future.

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