March 7, 2023



What was accomplished this week? Give specific evidence of the things that you completed to move your project forward this past week. 


This week we sent out the google forms to the dancers at the studio. We will wait for their responses so we can gather the data and then discuss it with Gaby to start planning on our next projects. We also worked on the design for the flyer for the dance festival this month. We explored more of our creative thinking skills and were able to take on a new challenge and demonstrate how we can help Gaby.


What did those actions mean for your project? How were the stakeholders affected? (Choose 2 different stakeholders and explore how they were affected and what that means for them and for you.)


The survey was targeted towards the dancers at the studio, they are the ones that have the voice and have the opportunity to communicate with us through this survey. The dancers at the studio will be able to help us make the best decisions for our project in the future because it will be clear and effective communication regarding the goals for the studio. By helping create the flyer and send it to the parents and dancers of our studio community we have helped spread the message effectively. We were principled with our tasks and helped Gaby by taking an assignment off her shoulders so she can focus on other important aspects of the festival.  


What did you learn from doing those actions?


From sending the google forms to creating the Festival flyer, we learned many useful things that will help us later on to improve our skill during our project. When creating the survey we had to consider multiple perspectives, the questions had to be open minded so the dancers could answer the questions on a deeper level and therefore increase clear communication. By creating the flyer we worked collaboratively, we considered our own personal strengths and areas of growth, this helped us divide our work and increased efficiency and motivation. 


What comes next? 


Our next step is to start recollecting the data from the survey and make a plan document to have all of this valuable and important information. But our main goal this month is to focus on the dance festival. We need to have a meeting with Gaby to talk about our next assignments regarding the dance festival. We decided last time me and Cane were going to fous more on the marketing side of the festival. We came up with the idea that we were going to be in charge of social media, posting and marketing the festival so our community members are aware and we have a greater audience reach. 

Created By: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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