Math Tutoring 2nd Session

Math Tutoring 2nd Session

This last week on October 18th was my 2nd official math tutoring session and I was able to work with three 10th graders and one 9th grader on algebra and significant figures. It was the first session with multiple people which I was both happy and overwhelmed about. I found that working with a lot of people is fine when they are working on the same thing but I think it will be harder when there are a bunch of different ages and I have to try to get to them all. I am not really sure what I am going to do about that but one solution is to know what they are working on before and to print some practices of the subject that they can work on and then just go around helping each person. Another solution would be to have communication with the teachers of the grades so that I know what they are working on in class even before tutoring. I am glad that the tutoring has gained momentum and I hope to stay committed to it and continue to do it every Tuesday. Right now in the process I can definitely see that these students that have come to me are struggling or behind in math but I am excited to see them improve and grow as they continue to come to sessions.

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