May 16 2023

  • Thinking - (creative, critical, transfer)
  • Social (collaboration)
  How have you used one of the above ATLs while working on your project? Give examples.   We have mostly used the ATL of thinking more specifically creative thinking. We have explored more of our creative side by working in creating the design for the wall. We have made about three different designs because we need to consider things such as color, pictures, decoration, meaning and how to make all of these elements look good together in one place. We have shared ideas between each other but by talking to Gaby and sending her pictures of our ideas she gives us feedback and more possible ideas.    How has your experience in this area enhanced your ability to learn in other classes or prepared you for life in general? Explain.   By working on our creative thinking skills we are able to learn how to think outside of the box and take initiative. By learning how to express a message through art we are able to use skills such as the ability to express ideas, see change as something good and grow in my personal passions and interests.

Created By: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Spread & Support Art

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