May 24, 2023

This past week we have improved our wall design and have shown how one of our biggest strengths is our creativity, but we have a harder time at getting started actually building the wall. This is because we have to work on our time management, since there are a lot of things happening in the dance studio (competition this weekend and the recital in two weeks). The next steps regarding the wall are:
  • Getting the money (potentially from a dress down day) for the paint, printing of images, construction etc.
  • Get contacts for the printing of images and building of metallic structure
  • Set a date for when we can go to the studio together to work on the wall
During this past week we have collaborated with Gaby mostly because she is the one that can tell us if the wall is good or if there is something we should change. We also talked with the teens at the studio and they really like the idea and are willing to help and support during the process.    In the last few days we have also talked with Gaby about the recital that in the next two weeks, she said she would like some help regarding some of the dances (helping choreographing, giving ideas) also teh day of the show for us to be there since early to help set up the stage, chairs, makeup, hair, costumes. So in the next week we will also work collaboratively on the recital to help Gaby reduce stress and help with the organization. .   This past week we also helped Seb’s CAS project  Zen Garden by painting plant pots. We used a tire to create a pot by painting it with spray paint. Helping Seb’s CAS project is important for us because it contributes to helping and engaging in issues like sustainability and how it's important to be involved with nature every once in a while. It was challenging painting the tire since we had to share the spray paint and there wasn't enough, but in the end we looked for solutions and found a creative way of putting it together. These will later on be hung on a tree in the Zen Garden area. Our final product with the tire is that the type of plant that will go in it is a plant that grows long and down towards the floor.  

Created By: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Uploaded To: Spread & Support Art

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