May 31, 2023

Why is creativity considered higher order thinking and why do you think that it is necessary to practice creativity?   Creativity is considered higher order thinking because it takes an advanced level of mental processing. Creativity helps emphasize a lot of important skills such as problem solving, innovation, expression, and that's why it's important to practice creativity. For me it's important to have a space where you can practice your creative thinking because it allows you to take out the stress and ideas that you might have going on. Being creative lets us understand ourselves better and create innovative things out of something that we might have not seen the potential for. Learning how to adapt and being open is important and practicing creativity allows for that.    How have you used creativity in your project? Explain and add evidence.   In our project creativity plays a big role since what we focus on is art. We have used our creative skills, of course when we dance we are using our creativity and expressing it through movement and this helps us express emotions and tells our story. The Tamarindo festival is a place where we used a lot of our creativity, from the dancing, to the creation of the flier, to the organization of the festival are examples of how we used our creativity to make something happen and create something different for the dancers and the community. Now we have been working with gaby in creating ideas and themes for the dances for the show in the upcoming week. On monday we helped choreograph and brainstorm for the acro dance, we used our creativity by exploring our choreography side and learning new ways to move with different objects (in this case a metallic cube for the acro dance). And finally the designing of the wall takes a lot of creativity because we need to create something from zero, have a vision and try to make it into something real, different and unique.    What practices can you use from the article to increase creativity?   
  • Surround yourself with interesting things and people:
This practice to increase creativity I feel like is what can help us most in our project because it's important to feel inspiration and motivation to create something new and innovative. Without interest there won't be any desire to achieve things and be successful. By surrounding ourselves with our passion and people who inspire us we are more likely to have more innovation and imagination that will help broaden or creativity.  How does creativity relate to TOK?   Creativity and Tom are important for each other, creativity is one of the many areas of knowledge in TOK and it helps with the expansion of new ideas, beliefs, and perspectives. Creativity is closely related with imagination and it's important to have this skill in TOk since it takes a lot of critical thinking and the capacity to have innovative ideas. 

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