The motivation theory that I believe works best for me is Herzberg’s theory. His theory is that employee satisfaction is affected by two things, hygiene factors such as working conditions, policies and rules, quality of your supervisor, etc. and motivation which would be personal growth, recognition, opportunities for advancement.
Why do you think this motivation theory is the best one to use to motivate you?

I think this applies best to me because I am very motivated by the end result of all of our actions, I love talking to people about our project and getting recognized for what we’ve done. The growth that both I, and Isa have gone through during this project is really nice to see and keeps me wanting to continue, we are constantly getting new opportunities to further our project even as we are coming to an end for it which makes me really happy to have worked on it because that means that other people are just as enthusiastic about this as we are.
Give examples of what has motivated you in the past to complete your CAS work.

The end of our presentation to the high school was probably one of my biggest motivations, I was thrilled to share everything I had learned and even after I had people asking questions and telling me that it went really well which was a huge achievement for me. Another motivator was that we got asked to do it again to the fifth grade class, the fact that the teachers came to us was really exciting.
How can your teachers use this motivation theory to motivate you? Give specific examples.

I think that CAS is pretty much perfect for this class, mrs. Amy teaches us with so much enthusiasm it rubs off on us. CAS is my favorite class because of how fun it is, it’s also nice that we have autonomy over what we do. We can choose what we work on whether it be journal entries or the actual project. I also think that the meetings we do with teachers occasionally helps me too.
How can you use this theory to create motivation for your CAS project?

I am going to be super motivated because I am working on a new project and I love Halloween and day of the dead, since we are mixing two of my favorite holidays I shouldn’t have trouble with motivation. I also find mrs. Amy to be very motivating because she is always super excited to hear and talk about our projects which makes it fun to work on.

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