For this journal entry I am connecting my experience and motivation to Adams theory of equity. I really like the Idea that you put in the effort and time and you reap the benefits and if you put things off or are lazy you do not get those benefits. This motivates me to do my work and be productive because I know that I am going to benefit from it. I also want to give greater opportunities of dance for our community and I know that will never get done if I don't put in the work. The teachers use this theory to motivate me by giving me praise and comparing me well to others because it feels good and I work hard to get that feeling. Lately I have been feeling unmotivated in our CAS journey just because we have less of a concrete plan/schedule as we did before. This theory can help bring motivation back to our project because we are all competitive and want to do well in school so it will motivate us to work harder.

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